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International Symposium Local Artisanal Turkey 2016

Hoy os dejamos la información de un Simposio Internacional que se celebrará en Turquía. El Simposio está organizado por profesionales y académicos vinculados a los ecomuseos y la Museología Social, y cuenta con un comité científico internacional igualmente vinculado a la museología comunitaria y al desarrollo territorial.

Call For Papers:
International Symposium of
Local Artisanal Cheeses in Turkey and the World: The Use of Geographical Indication for “Kars Kaşarı” Cheese
15-17 July 2016

Venue: Caucasus University (Kafkas Üniversitesi), Kars, Turkey

Convenor: Bogatepe Environment and Life Association (Boğatepe Çevre ve Yaşam Derneği), Ecomuseum Zavot (Ekomüze Zavot)

Cheesemaking is not only a craftsmanship that preserves and renders milk safe to consume for longer periods of time. Thanks to this craft, microbiological forms of life have been produced in many different regions of the world through unique cultural techniques under different geographical and climatic conditions.

There are many aspects of cheesemaking to consider: from ecological cycles to microbial diversity, lives of cows to the lives of bacteria, industrial techniques to traditional practices, political maps to cultural frontiers property relations to natural resource and communal management, nutritional values to food identities, pastures to dairies, supermarkets to local markets and solidarity tourism. In general, this symposium aims to explore the increasing complexity of food and supply chains in cheesemaking sectors. More specifically, the goal of the symposium is to initiate a discussion on how local artisanal cheeses differ from industrial cheeses and what sort of possibilities and limits geographical indications offer for the reproduction of artisanal cheeses, local taste, traditional know-how, and rural communities.

You are invited to submit an abstract on the topics related to, but not limited to:

   Cheesemaking as craft: past and present
   Changing definitions of ‘local’ and ‘traditional’ in cheesemaking
   Relations of cheesemaking to other agriculture and animal husbandry practices
   Cheesemaking as cultural heritage
   Trends in consumption patterns of cheese, milk, and meat
   Importance of pastures in traditional cheese production
   Mainstream supply chains and emerging alternative networks linking producers to consumers
   Geographical indication and their importance in cheesemaking
   Production of scientific evidence for territorial distinctiveness (translating terroir)

The symposium will bring together researchers and interested sectors to better understand the use of geographical indication for Kars Cheese and other world cheeses in building farmer organizations and solidarity between local cheese producers and communities.

Óscar Navajas Corral
PhD. Museology

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